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Your careerpath

For fresh entrants and those in career switch. career women, or individuals above 50 years re-entering the workspace.
Have you ever tried to look at your hidden talents? It can open wide opportunities.

Assist you in building your career path • You may be fresh entrants or, you are in career switch • You are a career woman entering the workspace • Gainful employment for retirees, retrenched, or self-employed Suresh can show your hidden talents that can open wider opportunities

Your business

Suresh works with you for making your business competitive. He holds hands of your senior team for achieving business goals – improving bottom line, cash flow, marketing, or communication. Interdepartmental communication is now more a business imperative. However, there is no universal dictionary for your communication. What you say and what other interpret, is a challenge.

People development

• Train your people for applying what they have learnt in school or at work – not adding more information • He can manage diversity in nationality, culture, age groups, gender, language, or education. His training is culture-centered • Training portfolio emphasizes on controls, governance, ethics, behavior, and other skills Who do you want to be- the Lead, the Wood, or, Eraser? Suresh will guide you.
Business Partners

• Workforce Skills Development (WSQ)
• Singapore Human Resource Institution (SHRI)
• S'pore Professionals’ & Executives’ Cooperative (SPEC)
• Business Thinking Systems
• Kaplan Professionals
• Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd (ISCOS)
• Malay Chambers of Commerce & Industries (SMCCI)
• Mendaki Sense
• WebKitchen
• Sigma Research (USA)


Gain an Edge over the Competition and Create a Clear Pathway to Success


Supporting for perfect business performance Developing people to fill in performance gap – from potential to performance Building pathways for career growth


Putting People First – it is always about people

Providing Resources via Business Partners

Assisting with the Development of New Skills adapting to the new world