About Us

Our Achievements so far ….

Who We Are

We support SME for growth and performance.

We support young individuals to make inroads.


Pathfinders Enterprise is a young entrepreneur driven organization.

We have operations in China, India, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Founded by Suresh Shah, in 2003.

Suresh has assisted students in pursuing further studies of their interest. And, has assessed men & women in tapping on their hidden talents, for finding the right career.

Most of our prospects come through personal recommendation, probably the best indicator of our success. Many individuals from leading local and foreign institutions use our services regularly to help them stay abreast of the fast moving business world.

He holds hands of senior teams at SME for identifying the solutions of their operation challenges – Controls, Governance, Business ethics, Policy guidelines, Delegation skills, Succession planning, or Managing family businesses. Periodical reviews are  conducted for follow up on implementation.

With you, on the journey ….


Suresh Shah, the founder leads the organization. Has a caring and coaching personality. Educated, and experienced in business operations in four countries – China, India, Indonesia, and Singapore. Offers solutions with his business acumen, and shares examples from life experience.



Our Values

  • Think, Act, Learn
  • Act without Fear or Favor
  • Follow what you say – honesty and integrity for avoiding ethical failures
  • Set an example by showing care and coaching
  • Never OPP – Other People’s Problem. Do not pass the buck.
  • No OPM – Other People’s Money. Spend wisely as if it’s your money.