Aligning your consumer and employer brand

Do you know – it can enhance shareholder return (36%) over five years?

You need to adopt a new approach

It can be a challenge for you to successfully deploy your employer value proposition and employer brand strategy, considering the cultural nuances and differences in the region.

Bring employment value proposition to life – cultural dynamics of consumer society in China provides valuable insight – applies to any market.

Sure, you encounter the regional and in-country cultural differences.

The same considerations can be taken into account when establishing an employment brand and value proposition.

See how the messaging could be adapted for the regional and in-country cultural differences.


Research and adapt align with the country’s cultural considerations established in centuries.

Corporate and employment brand values be consistent globally. It is the subtlety of messaging, language and points of emphasis that makes the difference.

Identify the centre of influence


You know well that your customers collect information from multiple sources and compare their options before they make purchase decisions.


Do you know where is the customer’s inner social circle? It’s their centre of influence. They are more likely to listen to the suggestions of their family and friends.


Convey a consistent message for aligning with the cultural pre-disposition to collect and compare data to help you making informed decision, by using multiple media and digital channels.


An employment value proposition should ‘win’ the approval of the family circle/centre of influence, not only the target candidate as an audience in isolation.


Public display – ‘’save face’’


You like that Face (“mian-zi”) is recognized by the society.

Products consumed in public enjoy better perceived value than that used at home or in private.


Be aware that employees desire to work for a brand respected and recognised by community. Not only the prestige of the brand here but impacts messaging around CSR within the local, provincial and national community.


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Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

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