Always Keep Your Resume Updated

Imagine: your dream job suddenly becomes available, you have an opportunity to secure a promotion, or your annual review sneakily shows up on your calendar. You realize you haven’t updated your resume in, well, too long. After putting in all the work, you want to ensure your biggest accomplishments are reflected.

When you suddenly need a shiny, fresh resume, the whole process can instantly feel overwhelming. You always have other priorities and more pressing tasks, that pushes back resume-updating down the list; and, at such times you may find yourself scrambling to recall the important contributions you’ve made in your current (or most recent) position.

Does this sound familiar?

I do experience from time to time, retrieving relevant data whenever I want to write, talk, present something. My weakness is not able to give the right title while saving.

So, what to do in such a situation?

Create a folder in your inbox with a name like Draft …., or Pluses, Recent thoughts  – Every time a client sings your praises, a colleague gushes over your contributions to the latest team project, or your boss asks you to take on a new responsibility, go ahead and drag that email on over to the folder.

Ensuring you put your best foot—and all your biggest wins—forward will give you a boost of confidence, priming you to crush your next presentation or interview.

Now go get ’em! Get ready to put your best foot forward.


Suresh Shah, M.D., Pathfinders Enterprise

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