Are You Sure?

Are You Sure?

Corona gave tough time to all businesses. Are You Sure?
They understand what you say – there is no Universal dictionary for communication.
This is a challenge for your business.y
For example, when you say, Urgent – just now, today; this week, ….
Or, you say same as per sample – what is meant by – color, size, ….

Let Pathfinders guide your senior team – Pathfinders hold their hands for moving in right direction for reaching their desired goals.

Corona gave tough time to all businesses.

How do I pay my people next month. My suppliers n contractors also waiting.
So, let us start ……
Do you have organisation structure, with clarity on who reports to whom.
Do you have Authorisation chart for paying your people, suppliers, …”
Do your people know do’s and don’t in company. There are several cases where people are escaping by saying we dot know – no one told us.
This in fact, leads to polices and procedures.

Pathfinders will formulate such policies for you.

⁃ Human Resources
⁃ Finance
⁃ Procurement
⁃ Consumables and store-keeping
⁃ Insurance’s

+A common format could be,
Grouping and serial number
Title (subject matter)
Date of Issue
Approving authority

Objective – purpose – why this policy is issued

Let Pathfinders take over from here and guide your team.

Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

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