Are your Networking Email Ignored?

It’s important to craft clear but crafty correspondence that will catch the eye.

When you want to ask someone for networking or career help, write an email that is clear but crafty for catching the eye of the reader. People are busy and often get more email than they can respond to. And if you are a stranger – not in regular touch with them – you may perhaps get at the bottom of the list.

Write a networking email for getting assured actions.

Start with some context

Briefly explain who you are and how you came to contact them.

Don’t give your whole life story—a couple of sentences is all you need—but do set up some context.

Explain why reaching out to them

Why do you think that they can help you?

alumni of the same school

worked somewhere you’d like to work

wrote an article that you found helpful

Let them understand why they will be helpful to you.

State clearly what you’re looking for—and be specific

Explain exactly what you want

  • looking for a phone call,
  • a meeting,
  • an introduction
  • Information about their field
  • Career advice?

No guessing game, please, either about the topic or about what you’d like from them

they don’t want to spend their time trying to read between the lines and figuring out what it is that you’re asking … make them fear that if they agree to talk, they’ll end up in an open-ended call or meeting where you’re not prepared with clear and specific questions.

Be flattering

If you’re reaching out to someone, you must think she / he is insightful enough to want his or her help for a reason.

Tell her / him what that reason is.

Explain what it is that you admire about him or her.

This will soften most people right up, and make them a lot more inclined to help you out than if you just launch right into what they can do for you.

Be concise

  • Respect their time
  • They are Busy and don’t have time to read lengthy emails
  • Keep it brief—there will be time for more later if they agree to talk with you.

Make it easy


Use the easiest way for that person to give it to you.

  • They should not be embarrassed to say No (if they know you) or, outright reject.
  • Don’t suggest lunch when a coffee would be faster.
  • Or suggest a phone call instead.

And always say that you’ll make time for it whenever is convenient for your contact. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to say yes.

Say thank you

Appreciate for their time and effort.


Suresh Shah, M.D., Pathfinders Enterprise

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