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New Look at Pathfinders Enterprise

The entrepreneurs at Pathfinders work together closely.

Pathfinders values courage, collaboration and a focus on sustainable development. Pathfinders dare to make things better.

Rigorous analysis allows us to dare. However, never reckless. It is our background and close-knit entrepreneurial spirit that has created sustainable opportunities in emerging economies.

We are always looking to partner with exceptional businesses in the most dynamic emerging markets.

It is important that we harness and encourage local expertise, all the while sharing the management skills and methodologies.

Of course collaboration works both ways: we learn from our partners.

We take best practices from one and introduce it to another, making every company a champion in its sector; their future is our future.

We reward innovation and we invest in the education and training of all our associates.

Together, these values create an environment where we can continue to do what we do best: dare to make things better.

With our flat management structure, everyone’s contribution is encouraged and valued, and decisions are taken fast.

Pathfinder is open to new ideas, discussion and innovation, while our associates are nurtured and developed, with investment in education and training central to our goal of being the best.



Determined to raise standards and build high-quality businesses practices.   This is evident in our partnerships and the training we give our people. We offer the best management education and training available inspired by world’s leading educational institutions.


This is the single most important quality that we nurture in our associates. We want to show their initiative and think for themselves.

CoPathfinders  take on new challenges and try new approaches. We reward innovations and are not afraid to fail. We encourage trials, errors, or even failures.


Everyone is part of the same team – a team with integrity that trusts its members, pushes itself and regularly shares best practices and new ideas. Give and Take.


Pathfinders look forward to build champions. We show commitment to our projects.Not only survival, but make it sustainable. Thats what you want for facing the difficult times in future. Do it now. You may not have time to do it during difficult times.

Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

My thoughts on re-branding Pathfinders

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