Bagalogue – The Art of being Expressive

Sounds Greek or Latin? This word is coined by Peggy Klaus, a corporate coach.
Artful bragging is to talk about yourself — interests, ideas and accomplishments — in a short, conversational story with enthusiasm and passion and pride.

It’s aimed at engaging your audience with style and grace, not boring or alienating them.
Don’t fear the four-letter word – ‘’brag’’!

If you don’t self promote, you won’t get promoted.

Today, bragging is a necessity not a choice so tout your accomplishments because no one else will.

People aren’t psychic, nor do they have the energy to pull from you everything that you should be telling them. If you can’t advocate for yourself, chances are you will stall or derail in your career, or business.
We’re not talking about boasting, or fully engaging in self-glorification.
Given the constant changes,

  • Start-ups – it’s you and only you, to tell the world about your new venture
  • Funding – either listing or getting funded, you need to brag about your company; and that too in limited time of Funds managers
  • Attracting talents – they are looking for places to grow; you have to show that this is the place (during interviews)
  • Mergers – new organization, new people, new stakeholders: if you don’t brag, you are side-tracked whether for your business or career
  • Management shifts – someone is taking over at the helm; you have to show her/him what you can do, if it’s your business show how your products/services are the best for them. You have been with that company for long, and have understood the culture and exact requirement. Newly appointed buyer will have to know these!
  • Rightsizing – who’s out; unless you have shown your worth, you may be in the ‘’out’’ list

It has become imperative that people in the organization, as well as those outside of it, know who you are, your capabilities and what you are accomplishing. Else, you’ll simply be overlooked for assignments, bonuses and promotions.

You will be side-tracked.

Bad bragging includes,
• Talking incessantly about yourself or your products/services
• Consistently using “I” or ‘’we’’. Tell them how you are useful to them
• Using language that is condescending
• Lying or taking credit you do not deserve; it doesn’t last long

  • Not asking questions or listening – always listen. Remember, hearing is not listening! Ask questions to clarify, that also implies that you are listening.

Be sure to avoid brag bombs too, such as

  • We are the largest suppliers, our cliental includes (big names)
  • Tooting about your new promotion with an acquaintance who has just been laid off
  • Deciding to update your boss on your recent contributions when he’s hurrying out
  • When asked, ‘What do you do for a living?’ and you respond with your entire kitchen-sink life history

With social media, people are bragging more than ever; however, you have to be careful-on social media it is very easy to come off as attention seeking and arrogant.
Self-promotion is critical to one’s success in career, or business in today’s world. People need to know who you are and what you’re an expert in. How your products/services benefit their company.

If people don’t know you exist, then you won’t get opportunities that will help your business or career.
The subtle art of self-promotion is sharing your expertise in a way that it communicates your worth to others. It’s all about letting your work or products/services speak for itself, sharing the credit and communicating how you can add value.

  • Offer help or free trials to prove worth of your products/services
  • Strive to do additional work outside of what you were hired to do. In order to make a case for a promotion, you have to already be doing the job of your manager
  • Your job is temporary so you better maximize your experience and focus on developing important skills that will set you up for future jobs or careers.
  • Your reputation is your greatest asset so you should strive to build your reputation through business results and strong relationships, both of which will accelerate your business or career.


Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise


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