Before you click Apply…

When you’ve just started the job hunt either your first, or in-transition, it can be tempting to immediately get to blasting out resumes and hitting “apply” to a bunch of online listings. Do not miss out on a key part of the job search—getting ready.

You benefit from getting a few things in place before you start sending applications out.

Think of these keys and do at the very start of your job search.

  • Do a little work on your online reputation to be up to hiring managers’ par.
  • Optimize what you are asking for (looking for), for moving in right direction.
  • Soul searching might be just as essential to your job search.
  • Figure out how you really feel about your current job – do your really have to look for a change?

At Pathfinders, we assist job-seekers in getting ready, before they click ‘’apply’’.


Suresh Shah, M.D., Pathfinders Enterprise

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