Business coaching: Real life cases

I met Robert at the dinner last month. We exchanged greetings. I learnt in conversation with him that he was facing a challenge in his restaurant business. Robert is very particular about the quality of food and the materials he uses. In fact, Robert stands in the kitchen for hours to supervise on hygiene and quality. It earned a name for them.

They were in very strategic location near a popular shopping mall. Locals and foreigners go for shopping at the mall. They all come to Robert’s restaurant for taking meals.

Recently, Robert is facing a challenge from competition. Many food joints have opened. All wanted to take opportunity from the popular shopping mall. This was never thought by Robert when he started the business.

Robert call for coaching and formulated a strategy. It was well documented and shared with his key managers.

Together with the coach, Robert designed a program for formulating Business strategy, providing you a roadmap for moving ahead, with possible challenges on the way and how to overcome.

Robert is happy with the solution, his business is growing.


Cyndi looked puzzled when I met her at the Networking night. She was not sure how a business coach can help in her apparel (kids) business. Cyndi runs it like a boutique. She had an apt for the design and was creative in making variations.

Her business was growing and she was planning to open the third outlet. When I talked to her, she expressed that she has a good team of key managers. However, she is tired of repeating the instructions. Every time she gives instruction, the manager will do differently; and then Cyndi has to repeat what she meant in the first place.

Cyndi had no clue why this happens.
Communication is the business imperative. It is no more dialogues between departments.


Do your key managers know business directions?

Together with a coach, she ran a program for them.
Key managers from two outlets participated.

It was interesting to note that few of them met for the first time.
During the process,

  • Hidden duplications and redundancies in tasks were eliminated.
  • Synergy advantages were explored.
  • Suggestions came forward as how to reach the market in fastest possible time (faster than the competitors).

All these obviously resulted in improved results for Cyndi.

At a breakfast meeting of CEO/MD, I met Simon who owns an industrial lighting fixtures business. While talking to Simon, I found he is worried over financial situation of the company.

His business is running well, he has earned a name amongst customers. He just returned from China where he exhibited a new energy saving product. He told me that was a success. He wants to promote the product here. However, he cannot arrange working capital for the same.

We agreed for looking into his accounts later in the week. On reviewing the details, I found the shoe pinches somewhere else. I proposed Pathfinders solution of Performance management, which Simon accepted.

We have worked with several companies and know how to resolve such challenges. In two days’ workshop, we analyzed every task their key managers do and find ways to enhance the same.

In the process, many hidden duplications are highlighted and eliminated. Suggestions for enhancing came forward from the team; and therefore, there was no problem in implementing the same (sense of ownership).
Pathfinders have a unique value added proposition of accompanying the implementation process wherein they hold hands and remove the roadblocks.

The real challenge was Inventory management – a common issue with the businesses. The challenge is to bring it to surface. Owners like Simon are engrossed with growth. Pathfinders remain objective and can see clearly.


Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise


These case studies are real-life cases. Please let us know if you find any of the above is relevant to your business, and are interested in looking at Pathfinders solutions.

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