Buttocks up

Raising a toast is interesting. Majority are for good health. The Japanese cry for Long Life (Bonzai). Jewish Le Chaim (To Life). The English “Bottoms Up” is widespread.The Greek Aspro Patto means white bottoms (of the glass). In Hawai, Okole malnua which means a literal buttocks up.

Let’s look at other toasts –

Bengali language                           Joy

Chinese                                           Kong chien/Wen lie/Gambie

Finnish                                             Kippis

Hindi                                                 Aapki Lambi Umar ke liye Mubarak

Indonesian                                       Selamat minum

Maori (New Zealand)                     Kia-ara

Thai                                                   Chai – yo

In Finland, Poland, and Russia, your host will ply you with Vodka and expect you to get drunk. However, they admire you if you turn out to be harder head than theirs. Remember than in Russia, once a Vodka bottle is opened, it must be finished – here, the toast means full glass draining.

So, let us Gambeit (gulp down the full glass)!

Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise, Singapore


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