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Fact and Illusion

After finishing my University education, I took up a job in a School. Day One – Good morning, class. Good morning, Sir. I was happy with good response. – Please make a sentence using these two words – Fact and Illusion. A boy came forward – Sir, it is a Fact that you are teaching […]

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Leadership and Education

Education makes you aware about your Aptitude that makes your Attitude.
Attitude leads to your Thinking process, providing your concept and communication.

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Success is not a destination

Success is not a destination – it is a process of continuous and overall improvement of your Life – leading to satisfaction and joyful Life.

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Watch these Bad Boys

1) Bernie Ebbers

A cowboy hat and boot wearing businessman and previous nightclub bouncer, built from modest beginnings to telecom worth over $175 billion at the height of stock market boom by relentlessly acquiring assets in 1998, he masterminded a $37 billion merger with MCL, America’s long distance Phone companies.

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Corporate names

Interesting to know how do the name big Companies.


Steve Jobs named Apple Mcintosh after famous variety of American apple, Mcintos.

2) BMW – Bayerische Motoren Werke was founded in Munich in 1917, originally to produce Aircraft engines – its logo is inspired by a rotating propeller.

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Stock markets

You all might have gone to stock market, played there.
One important parameter is a Stock market index.
Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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Bubbles that burst

The Dotcom

Internet related investments remain interesting.
All have seen almost speculative frenzy of investment in internet related investments.
Everybody thinks internet related investments will prosper – future of technology is going to stay!
Venture capitalists jumped when those techies can show profits in short time.

Have seen 1999 stock market peaks.
But this was short-lived.
Stock markets plunged, with Nasdaq falling by over 70% in 1999.

1) Brian Hunter, a star trader at Amarnath- an American hedge fund – made big money, betting money on price of natural gas.

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How much Fees you are charging?

Is this in line with others?

Is it high or low?

– Raising your Fees

Do it in least disruptive manner

1) Give clear notice to your clients of changing your Fees, verbally and in writing

2) Give ample notice (30-60 days)

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Emotional abuse

You might remember a 1944 movie – Gaslight.

In the movie, husband talks to his wife that she is going to be insane. by manipulating the gaslight in their house.

Gaslighting is when someone uses a series of tack ticks, making people doubt their reality.

It is like brainwashing.
Gaslighting depends on you not trusting your own perception, reality, or feelings.

Here are few examples what people experience.

1) Difficulty in knowing your Likes and Dislikes. Gaslighters try to control almost everything of your life- clothing choices or food preferences. If someone asks – what kind of Icecream you like, and you turn to your spouse for the answer- that”s real red flag.
2) You are constantly apologising, without knowing Why.
Gaslighting really makes you feel responsible for your emotions and actions.

3) How much you do for others, they expect and feel you haven’t done enough for them.

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Yoga – more than stretch

Have you tried?

It can help regulate blood sugar level and improve insulin receptivity.

It is a simple pleasure.
Yoga is calming your mind and great fitness for body.

When You carefully stretch, you strengthen muscles, loosen your joints, and align your posture.

Also, deepen and improve breathing, slow heart rate, and improve blood flow throughout your body.

All these slow your mental as well as physical ageing.

This in your home, without special training or gears. Only a yoga mat and determination for improving You.

Plus there are medical benefits too – when middle aged sedentary people take twice-weekly Yoga classes for 3 months, the experience improvement in weight, blood pressure, insulin, triglyglycerine, even cleansing arteries.

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