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Your Password

About half year ago. You entered a password on one of the insecure site you visited.

Of course you can will change your password, or already made it. But it doesn’t matter, our rat software update it every time.

Please don’t try to contact us or find us, it is impossible, since we sent you an email from your email account.

Through your e-mail, we uploaded malicious code to your Operation System. We saved all of your contacts with friends, colleagues, relatives and a complete history of visits to the Internet resources.

Also we installed a rat software on your device and long tome spying for you.

You are not we only victim, we usually lock devices and ask for a ransom.

But we were struck by the sites of intimate content that you very often visit.

We are in shock of your reach fantasies!

Wow! We have never seen anything like this…

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Editing Tips

Writing can sometimes be messy, frustrating, and hard.

But you can make your working life a little easier by editing with these principles in mind. It’s simple: Whether you’re writing a two-line email or a 10-page report, anticipate the needs of your readers.

Remember the four Cs:

Be clear

Adopt the “you attitude.”

This means looking at a topic from the point of view of your readers, emphasizing what they want or need to know.

Example: I have requested that your order be sent out today.
Revision: You will receive your order by Wednesday.

Focus on the real subject…

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How to decide you need a policy decision for an event

How to decide you need a policy decision for an event?

Technology is changing fast – you have to be ready for managing your business in the world of tomorrow.

Let Pathfinders ( hold hands of your senior team, and make your business ready. It is a journey and Pathfinders will be with you on this journey. If you are stuck somewhere in moving forward, Pathfinders will assist to find the way, and join you in implementing the derived solutions.

Meanwhile, you might have noticed few urgent needs for your company to be ready…

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New Fifty

You could not act your age if you did not know your age ..
You live in biochemistry of your bodies, not in years you lived in interactions between that biochemistry and human mind .. Prescription for well- being, by Dr. Sherwin

Fifty is the new fifty, sixty, seventy ..And the women woudn’t want to be anything else. Some people thinks hey got reinvention process you are going through when they extrapolate down a decade or two ..”fifty is new thirty” – a reward what is clearly a major shift in outlook is a new lease on youth.

Nothing changes if nothing changes… the only thing that makes life possible is permenant , intolerable uncertainty – not knowing what comes next. Ursula K.LeGuin

Leave your Body – sure, it would be great to lose those twenty kilos.
Speaking up: Talk to yourself, listen to the world around you.
Remodelling: That’s what just I am, That’s not what I want to be anymore.
Me, me , me –

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Compulsory schooling

Who is a school-teacher in today’s system?

Having nothing to do better, Ms. Gatto tries her hand at school teaching. The license she has certifies that she is an instructor of English language and English literature; however, that’s not what she does at all. She does not teach English; she teaches school – and she wins awards doing it.

Universally, teaching means a national curriculum you pay for in more ways than you can imagine.

Look at what she teaches:

Class position
Emotional dependency
Intellectual dependency
Provisional self-esteem
One can’t hide

The kids have to learn how to read and write, have to know how to add and subtract,..

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Life without Wi-Fi

Can you imagine such life!

Companies collect your Personal Data – you value your privacy; however, when you use Social media, there is no protection! Your thoughts, likes, images, etc. could be stolen for criminal uses. Google Data collection tentacles is active 24 x 7. And, there are more – Microsoft, Credit card companies, and Companies conducting contests.
It is impossible to have a private life unless you move to an island without Wi-Fi.

During 2017, selected Google advertisers have had access to a new tool to track whether the advertisements they run online led to a sale at physical
store in the USA. That knowledge came partly to a stockpile of MasterCard transactions that Google paid for. Majority of MasterCard holders (2
billions) did not know of a secret deal between MasterCard and Google. With this deal…

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Boost Your Response rate to Sales Emails

Ask any working professional and they’ll tell you about the countless unsolicited emails they receive, and delete, on a daily basis.

Most of this messaging is not only unwanted, but also impersonal and lacking originality.

That being said, cold emailing can be an extremely effective method of outbound sales outreach and deliver tremendous results when it’s done correctly.

You just have to provide enough value to elicit a response – that’s the hard part.

In 2019, buyers are armed with more resources than ever before.

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Do Not Drink and Drive

Do Not Drink and Drive


What happens when you drink?
How Drinking alcohol affects your driving abilities?

Fatigue and Alcohol are two of the biggest causes of fatal accidents.

It can lead to accidents – directly and indirectly.

Directly – where drivers fall asleep at the wheel and lose control of the vehicle.

Indirectly – causing drivers concentrate more on trying to stay awake and less on surroundings…

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The perils of screen sharing at work

There may be nightmare for today’s white collar worker to share screen during a presentation after having forgot to close a tab or turn off notifications. The blending of personal and professional lives means that our devices are increasingly used for both realms, checking our next online purchase in one tab, while doing work tasks in the other — not to mention iMessage and Whatsapp notifications on our desktop.

TEXT: Alexander Besant;

The Sometimes Catastrophic, but Mostly Just Embarrassing Consequences of Screen Sharing at Work

If you’ve presented in a meeting, you know the potentially calamitous effects of projecting your laptop screen — your naked, interior world, that is — before unsuspecting co-workers…

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What No to Do in Crisis

Boeing’s response thus far to the tragedies of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 407 and Lion Air Flight 610 is a case study of what not to do in a crisis.

Boeing has allowed others to tell the story about what might be happening with its planes and is losing significant credibility. The company appears to be shirking, rather than acknowledging, its role in this devastating situation.
Boeing repeatedly insisted in press releases and in an email to employees from CEO Dennis A. Muilenburg, that its planes were perfectly safe. The problem is that a rapidly growing crowd of people didn’t believe they are.
Instead of addressing what the rest of the world was acknowledging — people don’t want to fly on a plane that might suddenly crash — Muilenburg personally lobbied President Trump about the plane’s safety…

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