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Two minutes It Takes To Read – Will Improve Your Writing Forever

Following are the simplest tips I can give you to easily — and forever — improve the quality of your writing.

1] Delete the word “that”

At least 90% of the times you use the word “that” can be removed from your writing and it will instantly make your sentence stronger.

“You believe that I’m lying, but I’m not.” becomes “You believe I’m lying, but I’m not.”

2] Delete the words “I think”

It adds nothing. Remove it to strengthen your point.

“I think this is a good sentence.” becomes “This is a good sentence.”

3] Avoid words that end in “-ing”…

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Do not ask these 7 questions in a job interview

What does your company do?

You should have researched and tailored your Resume & your interview responses before you sent in your application.

Do you have a flexible work schedule?

Leave it till you are actually offered the job. They should bring it up (or have already mentioned it in the job description), asking to work from home, or if you can work flex hours.

When can I get promoted?

It indicates either your impatience or overconfidence. You think such question you sound ambitious. Not correct.

Will I have to work long hours?

Do not ask such question. It indicates you’re a clock-watcher. Reflect as focus on the role rather than more into getting a pay cheque.

Do you monitor employee social networking…

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Move from your Traditional Career

One of the most disruptive changes seen in business over the last decade is the end of the traditional “career.”

People used to join companies for life

You look for a great company when got out of school, join the new-hire development program, pay your dues working up the ranks, and look forward to a nice retirement program 30-40 years later.

Well it’s different now, the average worker stays at their job for 4.4 years – Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The challenge is much more fundamental. Change the entire design of organizations.

Let us explore in a little more detail, how complex and important it is to rethink what a career means in your company.

The Traditional Model of a Career

Companies exist for crating economies of scale – by organizing the people…

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A growing business like yours needs a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. It helps you manage critical customer information in one place — and gives you a complete view of your business. You’ll gain key business insights that help you

Close more deals
Boost sales
Improve forecasting accuracy

When is the right time for you?

Signs you really need it:

When you experience there’s no single source for information
There’s is no visibility for your business
Cumbersome reports without any tracks
Losing data
Difficult to stay in touch – your field reports are not shared with the team
One size fits all – same treatment for all customers

Crafting your CRM Strategy

Your Vision
Define your strategy to achieve the vision
Your business Objectives
Get your executive sponsorship for the team…

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Apply, apply, No reply – Why?

Relying on outdated sources of job-searching advice

Job-search conventions have changed dramatically in the last decade. Yet many books and experts are still doling out outdated advice that are not helping your chances now. Ideally your advice should come from sources who have done a significant amount of hiring themselves—and recently, not a couple of decades ago.

Mainly listing job duties on your resume, rather than accomplishments

Accomplishments count on your resume; mere job descriptions don’t belong on your resume. What did you accomplish in this job that someone else might not have? Answer should reflect on your resume.

Feeling that your resume must be a complete account of everything you’ve ever done

Your resume is a marketing document intended to present you, your skills, and your experience in the strongest light…

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Your Job Search

Applying to loads of jobs but not landing any interviews?

Prepare to network with other professionals at in-person events, and Network through online resources, such as LinkedIn.

Job searching has changed drastically over the decade.

Reacquaint yourself with how it differs today.

Not getting interviews?

Do not underestimate the importance of a well-written and engaging cover letter. It can make the difference between hearing nothing from an employer and eventually getting offered a job. Cover letters are crucial to hiring managers who understand that people are more than just their work experience – that people have personalities, motivations, habits and other reasons they’d be great at a particular job that aren’t easily seen from a résumé. A cover letter takes a first step at explaining that additional piece of what you’re all about.

Show that you’re truly excited about the opportunity.

Is it the job description or the company?
You prefer this job over others out there
Why do you think you’d be great at it?
Show that you’d excel at the work, since you have a matching background…

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Your Presentation skills – assert yourself

An oxymoron – communication is both the root of and solution to all problems.

Communication, used inappropriately, can become a barrier, and if used well, can be a remarkable tool to advance your growth.

Presentations today, are inescapable and essential. They can be: one-on-one, to teams, to large groups, or a congregation.

Your skills are not negotiable, irrespective of the size of the gathering.

Core of any growth plan lays the need for exceptional presentation skills.

Speak confidently
Use your Body Language effectively
Persuade and influence the audience
Assert yourself
Lead admirably…

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3 Communication Practices That Will Enrich Your Life

To make every recipe more nutritious and delicious, you use high quality ingredients. Similarly, a specific set of healthy communication practices can make every relationship more nourishing and life affirming. I want to share about foundational communication practices that will enrich your life.

You have known about these titles – you can apply appropriate ingredient for a given situation.

Assertiveness for Women
Powerful Speech
Being Charismatic!

“when in doubt, try this” –

Be a better team player
A better leader
A better mentor
Even a better parent or partner

You should practice these few skills every day, all the time, and keep at the forefront of your awareness. It can influence everything.

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Being Bold

Though I am talking of HR professionals, it can apply to managers in any field of management.

A message for HR practitioners at all levels:

Be Bold! Take the reins, mobilize the troops, and capture the HR and Talent field in your organizations.

The mantra for the HR community includes words such as “innovate,” and “become data-driven,” to “boldly go where no HR team has gone before.”

Are you Ready?

You should be fearlessness and gumption; willingness to take a risk, and the courage to lead. Today’s HR leaders recognize this.

Boldness is not just for the HR department however: companies that supply software for managing HR also face the need for such decisive action…

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