Conversations for successful relationships

Dialogues and discussions involving openness to learning could be

  • crucial conversations,
  • hard conversations,
  • open-to-learning conversations,
  • constructive problem talk
  • fierce conversations


The relationships “succeed or fail, gradually, then suddenly, one conversation at a time”, and to help nurture successful relationships, conversations require passion, integrity, authenticity, and collaboration.

The Seven Principles of Fierce Conversations:

  • Master the courage to interrogate reality
  • Are your assumptions valid?
  • Has anything changed?
  • What is now required of you? Of others?

Come out from behind yourself into the conversation and make it real.

When the conversation is real, change can occur before the conversation is over.

Be here, prepared to be nowhere else.

Speak and listen as if this is the most important conversation you will ever have with this person.

Tackle your toughest challenge today.

Identify and then confront the real obstacles in your path. Confrontation should be a search for the truth. Healthy relationships include both confrontation and appreciation.

Obey your instincts.

  • During each conversation, listen for more than content.
  • Listen for emotion and intent as well.
  • Act on your instincts rather than passing them over for fear that you could be wrong or that you might offend. can occur in the space between words.

Take responsibility for your emotional wake.

For a leader there is no trivial comment. The conversation is not about the relationship; the conversation is the relationship. Learning to deliver the message without the load allows you to speak with clarity, conviction, and compassion.

Let silence do the heavy lifting.

  • Talk with people, not at them.
  • Memorable conversations include breathing space.
  • Slow down the conversation

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Suresh Shah, M.D., Pathfinders Enterprise

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