Corporate names

Interesting to know how do the name big Companies.


Steve Jobs named Apple Mcintosh after famous variety of American apple, Mcintos.

2) BMW – Bayerische Motoren Werke was founded in Munich in 1917, originally to produce Aircraft engines – its logo is inspired by a rotating propeller.

3) Casio – named after the owner founder Kashio Tadao.

4) Coca-cola name derived from Coca leaves and Kola nuts, was launched as Health drink in 1885. The Cocoa leaves also produced Cocain. However the last traces were removed in 1929.

5) Hagen-Dazs founded in 1961.

6) Mercedes-Benz – German car company was founded by Daimler and Karl Benz. In 1898, they started to sell and promote to wealthy clients. In 1900,
they developed a new engine called Mercedes-Benz.

7) Microsoft – Bill Gates named it after micro computer software. Micro-soft dropped the hyphen and went in to rule the world.

8) Nike – American Sports goods company named it after the Greek goddess of Victory.

9) Sony – the Japanese company took it from the Latin word sonus and Sonny boys.
The name shows that the company was a group of young people with energy and passion.

10) Starbucks – was named after Starbucks, the mate of Pequod in Herman Melvilles whaling novel Moby Dick.

11) Toyota – Sakichi Toyoda called th company Toyoda at fist. Later it changed to Toyota for sounding better in competition.
Toyota is written with eight strokes in Japanese, which is auspicious number.

12) Wipro – Indian IT services giant -the name derived from its more humble origin as Western India Vegetable Products.


Suresh Shah


Inspired from Talks and discussions with Alexander Walsh. Sarah Dallas, and other business journalists.

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