You have faced and successfully overcome many crises in our business and lives.  However, this is the worst crisis which will affect many of you.

As the leader, you must be agile, flexible person who can anticipate change and respond quickly.  You have to accept the situation, adjust your response and achieve success.

I suggest you and your senior team reflect on your leadership experiences.  This will help you to develop your new leadership journey.
In the meantime, you should take immediate action with regard to the following:

Your Cash – Liquidity is the key for sustaining the success of your business.
Forecast your cashflow on a weekly basis for 1-3 months.
If the projection is negative, take immediate action to access funds through your bank or other institutions which have access to Government funding.

Your Staff – communicate with your staff on a regular basis.  Keep them informed on what they should know.  This will help them to understand their role in being part of the solution.

Your Customers –  With a few exceptions, sales could decline.  Communicate regularly with them to identify any needs or services they require and respond to them quickly.

Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

Inspired to write to you, from communication with Mr. Allen Pathmarajah, Executive Chairman, AJP Advisers Group

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