Engaging the 21st-century workforce

Awakening to a new world: After the Great Recession


  • The world is now much more global and interdependent
  • Mobile, social, and cloud computing continue to explode
  • Critical new skills are scarce—and their uneven distribution around the world is forcing companies to develop innovative new ways to find people, develop capabilities, and share expertise
  • Demographic shifts are creating a diverse, multigenerational workforce
  • Global social, political, and regulatory shifts are changing the focus of business
  • Technology is changing how we work and the skills we need


A time for action

Three key areas of strategic focus


Lead and develop:

  1. The need to broaden, deepen, and accelerate leadership development at all levels;
    Leaders at all levels: Close the gap
  2. Build global workforce capabilities
  3. Re-energize corporate learning by putting employees in charge
  4. Fix performance management
  5. Redefine Corporate learning: Prepare for a revolution
  6. Put Talent analytics in practice: Go from talking to delivering on big data
  7. From diversity to inclusion: Move from compliance to diversity as a business strategy
  8. Race to the cloud: Integrate talent, HR, and business technologies



Attract and engage:

  1. The need to develop innovative ways to attract, source, recruit, and access talent;
    Talent acquisition revisited: Deploy new approaches for the new battlefield between hype and readiness
  2. Drive passion and engagement in the workforce
  3. Use diversity and inclusion as a business strategy
  4. Find ways to help the overwhelmed employee deal with the flood of information and distractions in the workplace
  5. Beyond retention: Build passion and purpose
  6. The quest for workforce capability: Create a global skills supply chain
  7. The overwhelmed employee: Simplify the work environment



Transform and reinvent:

  1. The need to create a global HR platform that is robust and flexible enough to adapt to local needs
  2. Re-skill HR teams; The re-skilled HR team: Transform HR professionals into skilled business consultants
  3. take advantage
  4. Performance management is broken: Replace “rank and yank” with coaching and development
  5. The global and local HR function: Balance scale and agility


At Pathfinders, we are discussing ways and means to implement the above. Join us.


Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

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