Fear of Failure

According to scientist, a black bee is not capable

of flying long time.

Its weight is heavy. Its wings are short and weak.

Well, the bee does not know it, and hence, can fly.

The bee does not have fear of failure.

Another example –

Five frogs are trying to climb a pole. Onlookers

Shouted – this is not your feat. Don’t to it. You will

Fall and injure yourself. Few frogs keep away for

Safety. However, one frog did not agree and

continue climbing.

Later, it was found that he is deaf. He never knew

the risk. So, was not worried of failure.

Children behave similarly – they run,

Climb the stairs, learn to ride the cycle,

Play or fight with others – without fear.

These signs tell you have fear of failure:

  1. Makes you worry what people say
  2. Your ability to pursue the future you desire
  3. People will lose interest in you
  4. Makes you worry on your smartness or capability
  5. Makes you worry about disappointing people whose

opinions you value

  1. You tend to tell people that you may not succeed for

lowering their explections

  1. You think you should have done the job differently

to succeed

  1. You get headache or stomach aches that prevent

completing your preparation

  1. You often get distracted by non-priotity tasks preventing

completing your preparation

  1. You often tend to procrastinate making you lose

time requited for good preparation

What to do for overcoming fear of failure

  • Own the fear – Bring such feelings on surface for

preventing unconscious efforts to sabotage you

  • Focus on controllable aspects – Reframe those

not within your control, to bring them in your control,

e.g., if you have failed to find a job because you do

not know the right people – expand your network by

going through your address book, Facebook, Social

media contacts, for reaching out everyone helpful

Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

My thoughts in writing above, were inspired by excellent write by Guy Winch

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