Few Coaching Skills for EVERY Entrepreneur

You would be surprised at how many times you or many others like you, have hired and fully paid for a handbook copy you have loved but never used.
Well, many reasons, but in majority cases it has to do with some sort of block.
That’s why I’m a big believer in every entrepreneur knowing a few coaching skills.

As an entrepreneur who loves a done-for-you (exclusive) service you would think  I would be the last person who would need to coach someone around mindset shifts through their blocks. It doesn’t get any more done-for-you then handing them (your senior team) a piece of handbook/manual copy plus the strategy for how to use it to get the best outcomes in business.

How many books/handbooks you have in your library bookcase in your chamber!

However, that does not help in most cases.

So how do I as a coach respond?
As much as I can, I try and step in and work them (your senior team) through whatever has got them stuck – a mental block or default mindset in my coaching terminology.
Sometimes, I call it a success trap – I succeeded doing it in past – this is my way of solving it, and that’s the right way! I do come across many arguments – we’re different, we have tried it before, etc., etc.

The world is changing fast – and, you have to know the relevant fundamentals of business of tomorrow! Look at few of these:

  • Design = Motivation: build sense of ownership of a solution (makes it easy for implementing)
  • Know every player in the Team – who does what
  • Hidden duplication – happens everywhere, similar tasks performed by two different people/departments without adding value to the business
  • In time, right becomes wrong – update your policies and procedures
  • Business = short-cut: customers buy only when quicker than doing themselves

I have heard many business owners telling me, ‘’how many times I told them (senior team); they don’t understand. I am wasting time in repeating my instructions.’’ Is this the time to change the senior team (direct reports)?
I say: No, never.

This is why I firmly believe all entrepreneurs could use some of the coaching skills, even if they never call themselves a coach!

How every entrepreneur could benefit from some coaching skills:

  • These coaching skills help your customers get the results they pay you for (rather than leaving them to their own devices, frustrated with what they bought)
  • You’ll discover new opportunities for making money in your business as you improve your coaching skills – no matter what business you’re in
  • It’s fun having coaching tools that help you get through blocks and stuck places, even with difficult customers
  • Coaching skills can increase the retention of your preferred customers
  • You can charge more and increase your profit when you understand and utilize a wide variety of coaching skills
  • You also get clarity about how to re-structure your business to incorporate coaching and training in ways that work today — if you aren’t already
  • Great coaching skills can enhance your sales process so it’s easier, less manipulative, more effective and less costly

In other words, coaching skills can help you better identify and sell to ideal customers, better serve the customers you have, and better decide what’s best for you and your business.

I make my clients actually use to get results from my programs or services.
But then, even if I offer a pure done-for-you (exclusive) service, if my clients (or their team) aren’t ready to embrace the next level of their actions, they won’t get desired outcomes (which) I know I can deliver.

You might have heard ‘’case studies’’ on business turnaround – giving some practical basic business advice (tips/quick-fix) for meeting with business challenges.

In my experience as a coach, majority of businesses have used and benefits from my programs in Business strategy, Performance management, Budgeting, Shaping your business growth, Marketing, Financial reporting, and few others.

I do it differently: I work with them (senior team), facilitate them to analyse what, how, when, and cost-benefits details for an action plan. And, I do not leave them alone there. I’m with them along the journey – for implementation.

Again, because your team actually implement your suggestions/consulting/done-for-you services, they’re more likely to see desired outcomes, which make them happier and better team.

In the end, I am more likely to end up with some killer testimonials from them not to mention lots of good word of mouth advertising.

You’re more likely to actually make a difference in the world.
Look, if part of why you’re passionate about your business is because you want to get your message out there and see some change, that’s only going to happen if your team actually implement what you’re teaching or offering. There’s no better way to increase the odds of that happening then to be able to coach them only when things come up (ad-hoc).

My clients hire me or invest in my services because they have a challenge they wanted to meet with. And the best thing I can do for them is to help make sure they actually get their money’s worth. And that’s where my coaching skills can be worth their weight in gold.

Suresh Shah, Managing Director, Pathfinders Enterprise

2 responses to “Few Coaching Skills for EVERY Entrepreneur”

  1. Bhupen Mehta says:

    I am very interested in learning ” A few coaching skills ”
    Itherefore would like to hear from you
    and you coach me to learn this coaching skill that I pass it on to my business clients.

    It is very intersting and skillfull article you have written. You really have learned a lot from our English teacher Mrs Hazare, if you remember ?? and ( whom I used to dislike a lot ) which I regert it now ???? )

  2. admin_1_user says:

    Thanks, Bhupen. Coaching is facilitating – you do not provide the solutions. Ask questions – their response will lead to the solutions. They will be happy that they found it. Let me give you a simple example: A manager wants more filing cabinets. Ask her/him: Do you have Filing system? Do you keep records Alphabetical or Subject wise? How often you discard old records? When was that done last? Can you think of any other method of record-keeping? Do you know about scanning and putting on a disc? And, so on ….