Helping hands

While in Rome, I visited a Coffee shop.
Sitting there I watched somewhat different phenomenon.

A person comes and orders two cups of coffee. There was no one with him.
The waiter takes the order.
Serves a cup of coffee; goes to the opposite wall and pastes a paper on the wall.
The customer drank coffee. And paid for two coffees. He then leaves.

A couple enters and orders three cups of coffee.
Same way, the waiter smiles and serves two cups of coffee.
He then goes to the wall and pastes a paper on the wall.
The couple drank and paid for three coffee.

I went to the wall, to read what’s written on the paper. I read – One cup coffee.

This continues with every customer.

Then a lady enters and orders coffee. She is ordinary looking-not so rich compared to other customers. She points to the wall.

The waiter takes the order, and serves coffee with the same smile.
He thenĀ  goes to the wall, and takes out one paper from the wall.

Think about it – you are donating without any show off.
The needy does not have to beg for a coffee. Simply points to the wall.

How many of us are willing to follow this noble process!

Suresh Shah, M.D., Pathfinders Enterprise

2 responses to “Helping hands”

  1. olivia chuang says:

    Hi Suresh,
    This is well written
    I am curious to know why

  2. Suresh.Shah says:

    Thanks, Olivia. Glad that you read it.
    This could be to help the society without craving to earn a name!