How to decide you need a policy decision for an event

How to decide you need a policy decision for an event?

Technology is changing fast – you have to be ready for managing your business in the world of tomorrow.

Let Pathfinders ( hold hands of your senior team, and make your business ready. It is a journey and Pathfinders will be with you on this journey. If you are stuck somewhere in moving forward, Pathfinders will assist to find the way, and join you in implementing the derived solutions.

Meanwhile, you might have noticed few urgent needs for your company to be ready.

Do you have Company policy guidelines ready, updated, documented and distributed to your senior members? When did you updated Company policy guidelines last time?

Drafting company policy guidelines may be easy for your team; however, do your policy documents explain ‘why’ of that policy? This triggers your team for a drafting a policy decision when such situation arises. Pathfinders will assist with questions “when to draft policy guidelines”.

Just drop a line to and we will be there, for organizing it.

Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise


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