I am Fine

I am fine!

How can these words mean different to you or your listeners?

You have heard these words before; you ask someone, and they respond: I am fine!

Yet, do you know they really are fine, or it is a natural response.

You might have experienced that during crisis, people usually do not complaint, but always give natural response “I am fine”. This is usual.

People to don’t want to express weakness or bad news.

You hear that a company to burst; and filed bankruptcy.

They do not want to tell you this –

  • They know that everyone in the world knows it
  • You are not going to pull them out
  • They also think you may not be interested in their misery!

Still, they say, ‘I am Fine!’.

You can know by their actions.

You can read from their body language –

  • Are they leaning away from you with arms crossed?
  • Do they look tense or unhappy?
  • Our bodies can give away so much about us and our thoughts

without us realising it…
… so much that the words “I’m fine” can mean just that or the exact opposite.


Fortunately, we can master to learn ‘body language’.


The power of your body can,

  • Create a killer first impression
  • Delivering a great presentation
  • Grabbing your audience’s attention


This powerful tool can change your communication skills, and even change your life.


Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

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