Interests to develop your people

Interesting to know what you are interested in

You are exposed to diverse fields in management. You choose to focus on say, Talent management. Everyone is talking about it and is a hot topic.

Yet, you should be aware what’s in it there for you.

Talent management

  • Performance management
  • Succession
  • Talent strategy
  • Competency
  • Workforce planning
  • Career management
  • Diversity & Inclusion

When you look at areas you want to choose, it’s better you know what’s in it there for you.

Talent acquisition

  • Employment branding
  • Sourcing & Recruiting
  • Screening & Interviewing
  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Pre-Hire


By now, you should have seen that there are tasks involved in each of the fields. And, there could be individual expertise for each of the tasks. Else, you can engage specialists to do the job.

It may not be possible to list herein the details of each of such tasks. However, let us look at listing.

Learning & Development

  • Content development
  • Learning measurement
  • Organization & Governance
  • Informal Learning
  • Learning programs
  • Performance consulting
  • Learning culture

You can see that Learning could be a vast field – measuring, informal, learning programs, learning culture, etc.

Human Resources

  • HR Strategy & Benchmarking
  • Services & Programs
  • HR Organization & Governance
  • Engagement
  • HR & Talent Analytics
  • Rewards & Recognition

Leadership development

  • Leadership Strategy
  • Leadership Organization & Governance
  • Leadership competencies
  • Leadership development solutions
  • Executive development
  • HiPo development
  • Leadership development evaluation

HiPo development is developing high-potential leaders through an in-depth look at best practices, setting expectations, and considerations. Leading organizations constantly identify and cultivate high-potential leaders. Such development opportunities include job rotations, mentoring, one on one coaching, stretch projects, international assignments and post graduate qualifications. In addition, a focus on aspirations is important. With high
potentials it is important to learn what is important to them and to plan a
way to respond accordingly, while balancing that with what is important to
your organization.

Oh yes, an assessment component up front so that HIPOs start the process with a deep understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses before pursuing these development activities. Organization and the HIPOs are most likely to benefit to the extent that your efforts take place at the intersections of,

  • Individual aspirations
  • Organizational need
  • Individual strengths and development areas

Identify “turn roles” in each function that someone with potential could transfer into for 18 – 24 months where the typical functional experience is not a
pre-requisite. In this way, there is an opportunity to get cross-functional experience that helps prepare the HiPos for general management roles in the future.
Engage the HiPos in solving real organizational issues: The HiPos were placed on teams with a team leader appointed. The teams were assigned one of the issues, which then became that team’s project.

They had 3 months to work on the project, with a formal presentation of their findings/recommendation to the division VPs.


Tools & Technology


  • Learning technology
  • Talent management technology
  • Talent acquisition technology
  • HR operations technology
  • Analytics technology
  • Technology strategy & execution


Pathfinders join their clients in looking at above pointers. It’s not one size fits all. We jointly find appropriate solutions. Not only that, but we join in implementation. There are hurdles on the way. Pathfinders hold hands to cross over successfully.

Please let us know if you wish to move on ….


Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

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