Leading your life to success

We were sitting over a cup of coffee. Winnie looked very down. She was not able to
enjoy the chat and the company of friends. Lily spoke to her to find what’s the
problem. In fact, there were no problems in her life. Then, why like this?

We started talking on what makes us happy!


Julie wanted to catch a plane early morning. She sets up an alarm. Wake-up at a
specific time; and she is determined to do so. The mind will download a software
which will make it happen.

If however, you do not get out of the bed as planned, the software will receive a bug
and start malfunctioning.

Love and Warmth

Only dead are unable to express love and warmth.
There is only one way to prove that you are alive and still have soul in your body –
love and warmth.

“Love can melt almost any negative emotions, hence generate warmth”. – Anthony

Appreciation and Gratitude

Is there any doubt that humans rarely appreciate what they have and as a result do
not express gratitude.
We have beautiful things around us, we need eyes to see and appreciate.

Look around, you will find the beauty.


Continuous learning is the only way to gain knowledge. This comes from curiosity.
“If you really want to grow in your life, learn to be as curious as a child”. – Anthony

Vincent could improve his ability to understand difficult things that others might not
have tried to learn. It opened new avenues of success and pleasure.

Excitement and Passion

If you are not exited and passionate about your life and career, it is highly unlikely for
you to succeed. These are two ultimate emotional powers that can push you quickly
towards the path to success.


Flexibility allows learning and adapting new things. Sam has rigid thoughts that
restricted his knowledge. He could not accept new concepts and was generally
argumentative when shared new ideas.

This damages the gifted quality of innovation and creativity!


When you look at Susan, she always been able to do things with perfection. Her
confidence level was high.

Did you see a chef cutting vegetables on his chopping board? The speed, perfection
and timings are well aligned with his hand and eye movement. He knows that every
cut will be perfect!

This confidence is a result of continued practice.


Do you like to meet a happy face, or a grim person? I am sure answer will be a
happy face. Cheerfulness brings people around you.
It helps in ensuring people care about you and remember you as a delightful person.


Robert was vibrant beaming with energy to achieve his objectives. He is regular in
exercise and careful in diet. Taking care of your physical body is solely your
Obese or skinny people are slow in moving up the ladder of success. They usually
do not possess the vitality required to jump, run and fly high.
Oversleeping, or under sleeping both are poor habits and deterrent to vitality.


Your actions in life if are boomerangs! Whatever you give comes back to you
multiplied several times. If you contribute happiness, in return you get joy. If you
contribute financially, you are rewarded with wealth. It is important to keep
contributing towards your community, country, family and friends – Socially or

[adapted from “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins]

Suresh Shah, Managing Director, Pathfinders Enterprise

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