Listen To Your Career

Most people don’t listen to themselves.
And, when things go wrong in their career, they don’t understand why.
In many cases, it’s because they did not listen to their inner voice; a voice that does not lie.

Your inner voice is vital because it tells you which path to take and which path to avoid. Listen to your inner voice and you’ll be alright. Ignore the advice, and you will have problems in your career.
Can it be that simple? The answer is yes.

Your challenge is to listen to what your career is telling you.

Ask yourself,
Am I listening to myself? If not, ask yourself why.
Then ask yourself if not listening is worth the stress and constant dissatisfaction you feel inside.

Up to this point, you may have had good reasons not to listen.
Maybe you took a job because you needed a job and now you have to keep it.
Maybe you needed a certain salary or a company name on your resume to make your work history look better.
Taking a job that is not right for you just to pay the bills or advance your career is not always wrong; it just hurts and delay’s what’s right for you.

So what do you say, you only have one life to live so it might as well be a life you love!

Suresh Shah, Managing Director, Pathfinders Enterprise

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