Looking forward


Enriching your Life


Networking is an art that can be acquired, whether for social or professional objectives.

You may think you are introvert and Networking is not you cup of tea.

That’s not true. Networking enriches your life.

As a matter of fact, everybody networks – at home (with family & friends), in the office (gossip groups), emails forwarding (sharing jokes, information, etc.), telephone talks (sometimes, run for long time), at the Airport (waiting for departure), and so on.

You already know

Make a list – write down on a sheet of paper

  • Your family, friends, and relatives
  • Your neighborhood
  • Your classmates and roommates
  • Your health club members and co-players
  • Professionals – your teachers, priest, doctor, lawyer, accountant
  • Even someone you always meet in the elevator

Building a relationship, or improve your life, luck, and career.

Some feel uncomfortable at the idea of networking.

  • How do I approach someone I do not know and introduce myself?
  • How do I keep conversation keep going?
  • What if I’m the only new person and everyone else know each other?
  • Will they think I am intruding?
  • How do I break away from someone so as to mingle with others?

The way to initiate is,

  • Look for a Host or designated Greeter
  • Introduce yourself to the speaker
  • Start conversation with your dinner partner

Opening lines for starting a conversation

  • I am thinking of joining this association – how do you find its other activities?
  • How do you find this speaker? Have you heard her/him before?
  • What business you are in?

‘Get to know’ questions

  • What makes you come to this session?
  • Where do you work? What do you do?
  • Where do you live?
  • What other such sessions you have attended?

Skills to remember

  • Smile
  • Listen
  • Look for common interests
  • Look the person in the eye
  • Remember names
  • Body language
  • Respect others’ boundaries
  • Give genuine compliments

Keep it alive

Absolute must follow-ups for you

Within 24 hours of meeting someone, send a note, email, or phone to say appropriate of the following

  • Nice meeting you
  • Thanks for your time
  • Suggest meeting again
  • Thanks for useful information

Fulfill your promise,

  • To send materials
  • To pone for setting up a meeting
  • Pass on a referral

Be sincere and trustworthy,

  • Call within two weeks of suggesting to meet again
  • Arrange to meet on lunch
  • Reconfirm before 24 hours
  • Thank your contact for helping to give a referral or pass on your resume; and inform the result

Exit lines

  • Interesting to talk with you – I have to leave now.
  • Please excuse me; I have to see a friend
  • Indeed, nice to hear about your company. I will see you again
  • Great meeting you and, hopefully we can meet again over coffee.


Suresh Shah, Managing Director, Pathfinders Enterprise

One response to “Looking forward”

  1. Suresh.Shah says:

    Glad you read it. This is essential for today’s lifestyle. When we are more and more lonely with Internet (even phone calling is going away).
    Finding someone of thinking alike is a pleasure.
    Bhupendrabhai, you have many varied interests – from Vivekanand to Dev Anand. You will certainly benefit from Networking.
    Try attending few seminars, talks in Vadodara. Many of them do not charge anything. You may like to join one or two clubs/associations – professionals (accounting), arts & literature (Vadodara is famous), Books club, etc.
    Happy Networking!
    Happy Networking.