Management and Coaching

Managing Focuses on performance and results

Coaching Focuses on performance, results, and development

M – Identify what’s wrong and resolves the challenge

C – Looks into how employee is performing in reaching her/his goals, removing obstacles, and assists for moving forward

M – Mostly talks

C – Blending Questioning and Telling Leadership

M – Giving directions and advices

C – Gives directions only when needed; else, draws out ideas

M – Problem-solving

C – Motivates employees to find best way for problem-solving

M – Knows Best practices

C – Encourages employees for looking at Big Picture, Context, and Brain stormint ideas

M – Organization expertise

C – Organization and Development principles

M – Creates dependency   (though unintentional)

C – PromotesPartnership, Accountability, and Development

Coaching Tips

  1. Use coaching in the right situation
  2. Build Trust so that employees do not look at it as punitive
  3. Stay focussed for seeing the change in performance you want to see, by following a structured coaching process
  4. Provide feedback
  5. Coach on performance for delivering a desired goals. Coach on goals for advancing in her’his role
  6. When an employee lacks skill or knowledge, better perform Manager’s role to direct, instruct, and teach for building competence
  7. Adopt a coaching manaement style, for coaching in different ways. It does not require a scheduled set time for coaching. This way, you create a culture of continous improvement and high performance
  8. See that you arrive at a solution that the employee is accountable for implementing
  9. Do not engage in coaching conversation in highly elevated emotional situtations. Take time to reflect
  10. Ask Open-ended Quesitons
  11. Listen actively


Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

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