Market Your New Business

I find one thing every startup, small business, home-based business and mega-corporation has in common – need for a solid marketing plan to succeed.

I can assist promoting your product to your users, buyers, potential clients and partners. I believe this is the key to just about every business’ success, regardless of industry, business model, size or target market.

And sure, marketing strategies might differ greatly between, say, a small ice cream store and a fast-growing tech. startup, but the need to promote and sell is quite similar — and so is the process of creating a marketing plan, executing a strategy and measuring your results. Without a little hustle, sales may drop off or disappear altogether.

Look at some of my best small business and startup resources on marketing your company:

Sitting with you as my client, I have evolved a handy checklist for preparing marketing plan of your business type.

  • Let us Craft a plan that includes elements of ‘traditional’ marketing AND social media
  • Remember: If you really want to sell more, then you have to educate your customers as part of your marketing strategy.

Identify marketing opportunities

  • Personal AND company branding are integral to marketing. Let me show you how to create a startup brand
  • I suggest get better at selling yourself in-person during networking events
  • Never shy away from creative local marketing too, from coupons to breakfast meetings
  • Finally, remember that marketing doesn’t have to cost you a lot. I can show your inexpensive marketing strategies that every business can afford.

I want you to Reconsider your “public relations” strategy

  • Do not make PR blunders when you pitch members of the press
  • I strongly suggest that if you’re going to create content yourself, blog smart or don’t blog at all. I can assist you here.
  • Finally, let me ask you a question: Is your existing strategy for getting press totally outdated? When did you last update it? It’s time now for updating. Let us do it together.

You shouldn’t miss measuring your results.

  • I always ask this: Why market at all if you have no intention of measuring your results?
  • Most important — and often overlooked — to find out how well you’re REALLY doing, ask your customers. Let me show you, how to ask.
  • I want you to remember: Conversion is key — so track your online leads from the moment they enter your sales funnel.

Your business coach Suresh Shah

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