Networking-enriching your professional life

You are networking 24 x 7.
You network with your spouse, children, parents, colleagues, classmates, or friends.
When it comes to be with those whom you are meeting for the first time.
are you an introvert who is considering career networking (by choice or by force)?

Do you consider yourself as lacking imagination (introverts)?

Introverts averse for unnecessary interactions – this hinders in their career path.
You can grow your professional network despite your so-called weakness. Let me show you How ….


Be positive and think positive

Avoid anything that smells negative and feels discouraging to you.
Stay away from those trying to feed you with thoughts reinforcing several myths related to introverts. This would stop you from learning necessary networking skills that are needed by a career-person.


Do your homework

If you are going in events like job fairs, seminars, and conferences related to your profession, do your homework.
Take a look at the kind of companies that are coming, people who are going to give presentations, topics that would be discussed, and so on – you will get a peg to hang on during your conversations


Tell stories that connect

Ask your friend to come over and talk about the event in which you are going to participate.
Try finding some conversation starters like personal experiences of learning, success, experiments, and so on.
Stories always draw attention and connect with the others. You can connect with the people through the stories worth telling.


Your listening skills

People with huge experience always have an audience.
If you are a good listener, you can use this skill to your advantage. However, just hearing is not listening. Cultivate your listening skills.
Be genuinely interested in a profession and the experience of the seniors in the field.
Here, is the Go ….
there is nothing stopping you from being a part of a meaningful conversation – that you can revive.

Follow up

  • It is not merely an exchange of business cards.
  • Be particular about your businesss cards. Do not crowd with details. Providing URL/Website link is enough.
  • Be sure that your website is up and running. It should give rich information about your activities.
  • If you have promised someone to give certain information at a later date, Just Do It. Ignoring is a crime. Then do not promise.
  • Send a Thank You Note to whom you have met. You can include a brief mention of you communication at the event. Easier way is asking how they feel about the event; and then say how you like it, what part was most interesting to you, etc.


You can continue with such people in other events as well – that’s Networking!
Work on your networking basics. Everything else would follow!
We work with individuals who are shy or introverts on networking skills.
Networking is enriching your life.

Join us at Pathfinders.


Suresh Shah, M.D., Pathfinders Enterprise

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