Never OPP – Other People Problem

Pass the buck …. is a corporate game. One should

be able to pass the blame to someone. Main reason is

you always ask ‘who’ (did this), and not ‘what’ (happened).

Corporate managers are clever in passing the blame

downbelow to operations. They sit in sky chambers (high

position); cannot do wrong!

  • Profit and loss – reasons are always operations failed,

did not meet targets, poor quality, delayed deliveries,

materials not arrived on time, etc.

  • Plant operations – efficiency down due to poor upkeep,

Untrained or less trained operators

  • Accidents – safety procedures not followed. Safety

Equipment not in working condition (Fire extinhuishers not

Refilled, operators not aware of using safety wares.

  • Wrong deliveries – wrong address. During festive

season, customers specifically give instructions

where to deliver – to their warehouse or Sales depot.,

sometimes, direct to customers, or sub-contractors

  • With use of technology, such delays can be avoided.

Purchase Order from customers are copied and followed

Up to deliveries. A Forklift will not pick up wrong materials

  • Safety drills are in place. Mock exercises are planned
  • Operators and Corporate managers are trained for

working together

  • For example, during Budget preparation, variances

are discussed with Corporate and Operation managers,

finding out what went wrong

  • Why one wants to pass the buck –
  • afraid of facing the charge of wrongdoing
  • Take revenge on someone
  • Maintain clean image of oneself – we are not like that
  • Dumping ground – in every organization, there is a

department which is known as Dumping ground. One

can use it as a dustbin. Pass the blame to dumping


Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

Corporate manager, capable of managing internal controls



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