No OPM – Other People Money

Spend it wisely as if it is your money – employees do not care

and waste resources. Will you do the same if it is yours!

Instill this in minds of your employees.

Let them know the cost of coming late for the job

Company has invested in resources, that remain

unutilized if not attended in time – you have only

24 hours in a day!

When untrained or not properly trained employee

uses the equipment, it gets damaged

Who is the loser? The Company.

  1. Good employees use pencil hoders for fullest use of

Welding rods.

  1. They go home only after planning and setting the job on

machine –  set the chuck and drills, etc. So that time

not wasted next morning. Nor wait for instructions

  1. In Europe, employees coming early, will park their

vehicles in distant available parking lot – for keeping

nearest lots for late comers. This way, they save

company’s time to get on the job. Beyond self!

  1. In natural resource industries, they provide a van with

Tires to go round and help the trucks with puncture

  1. Also, they engage people to remove Logs serial

Number plate from the Log, so that it does not obstruct

Peeling lathe operation

  1. Set right measures – you cannot manage if you cannot


  • Piping – welds per day
  • Internal roads in Forestry operations – km per


7)      Specifications – Study the specs and see that

One may not end up in odd lots of materials.

Consultants go by books (for them, it is OPM).

8)      Also, combine the requirement for procuring.

Buying in bulk is always an advantage.

9)      Using iron rods cut-ends, and other materials in

Internal road construction

10)    Hollow bricks construction where possible,

for managing environment temperature

11)    Using chequred plates for flooring on pipelines,

Cables, wiring, piping platforms

12)    Using Iron & steel for handls, staircase, where

possible (not stainless steel, brass, etc.)

Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

An experienced and qualified Business Coach, holding hands of your senior

Team, for implementing the solutions. Always with you, on journey.




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