Odd interview questions

–       genuinely clueless to the outright bizarre

Let me alert all job seekers: Asking the recruiter if they will go on a date with you is NOT an acceptable question to ask during an interview.

Yet according to a survey of 650 human resources managers by Office Team, a large number of job applicants can’t seem to draw the line between what is appropriate to ask – and what is downright weird.

The survey asked the respondents to list some of the most memorable questions ever posed by candidates and the responses ranged from the genuinely clueless to the outright bizarre.

I can accept these:

“Can I get every Tuesday off?”
“How much time do I have to put in?”

However, some questions were bound to raise eyebrows including,

  • “Is the boss single?”
  • “Do you allow midday naps?”
  • “What job is this for?”

My favourites:

  • Do I have to be at work every day?
  • Would you go on a date with me?
  • Do you want to take a ride in my new car?
  • What colour is the paint in this office?
  • Can my husband finish this test

Friends, you know you got a call for the interview – half the battle won.
You applied since you are job-seeker.

You look matching the Job requirement (at least on paper).

Do not lose the opportunity to show your worth at the interview.

Do not rock the boat – you need a job!


Suresh Shah, M.D., Pathfinders Enterprise

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