Organise your Digital Life

You should have come across cases of challenges faced by today’s youth. Organise your Digital Life!

IT scholars do not believe in maintaining a handwritten records.
When one of partners dies, it is a tough time for one who remains behind.

“Do you have her Password for Facebook!”

Mother’s iPad cannot start without Passcode.

You start looking for her scribbled pages. You my find telephone numbers, addresses, etc. But no Passcode/Password.

One could have as much as 150 IDs – for Retailers, the Gym, Web hosting services, Email accounts, Banking, Insurance, Creditcards, etc. Your family or spouse may know Master password, She/He may have to sort through the ‘Vault’ – a Herculean task!

Generally, one does not take care of its digital footprints.
If you talk to seniors (70 +), the answer you may get – I don’t know; my grandchildren set it when they come home last time.

Some seniors have ventured into advisory. They arrange for giving talks on managing your digital lifestyle.
Well, the Police have software tools to access Laptops.
You remain immortal till your family close all accounts; then only your data are deleted.

Most people may not have Will or Power Of Attorney – they are kept with Silicitors.

Suresh Shah,

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