Portfolio living – Organizing your professional life

Artist’s portfolio, architect’s, or stocks
A work portfolio –  you may include wide variey of work you do in your life
For males –  full-time, permanent, or for-salary
For female – mostly home work or gift work

Add lots of experiences
1.    Wage work –  money for time
2.    Fee work – money for results
3.    Home work – cooking, cleaning, fixing, shopping, and so on
4.    Gift work – volunteer work
5.    Study work – education, training, learning

Compile certificates of competencies in varied subjects
What kind of intelligence do we have?
1.    Factual –  can answer all the questions (human encyclopedia)
2.    Analytical –  reducing complex data to more simple formulations (solving problems)
3.    Linguistic –  speaking several languages and picking up the new one easily
4.    Spatial –  seeing patterns in things
5.    Musical-
6.    Practical – dismantle and assemble again
7.    Physical – intelligence or talent (coordinating mind and muscle)
8.    Intuitive – seeing things that others cannot

Think Resume
What I do?
What have I actually done?
Who will testify it?
What evidence to say it is state-of-the-art?
Who new do I know? (beyond company walls)
Will my year-end Resume look different from last year’s?

Put every job and assignment through above resume test – if you can’t imagine adding new to what you are doing now/today/tomorrow/to your year-end, updated resume, then let it go

Know lots of new people
It is a brave and bold new world –  forget the old social contacts that promised job security
–  it has been torn up and thrown away.

Suresh Shah
, Managing Director, Pathfinders Enterprise

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