Presentations deliver your message

Make it effective – this is not about Power Point Slides only

It’s not only about contents; more on how you deliver your contents.

You might have lost audience.

  • Disorganized materials
  • Poor public speaking
  • Not responding to reactions from audience

Achieve the impact. You should find what the audience looks for, and deliver it in the right way.

Planning and Preparing for a Presentation

You should evaluate your material, bush up your public speaking skills, and be conscious of audience’s responses.

While preparing the contents, do not forget the audience – it’s for them.

  • Know your audience – use examples relevant to their industries
  • Simplify as much possible – remove jargons
  • Use example from daily life, and relate it to the Topic
  • Begin with the main idea of the Topic (objective)
  • Conclude with the main idea of the Topic
  • Use short sentences
  • Use catchwords
  • Avoid using Clip Art
  • See that your Graph makes sense
  • Your animations – Do not use different animations on different pages
  • Ask ‘’Why’’ for every slide – is it relevant to the Topic?
  • Your visuals – keep it generic for broad views and wider imagination
  • Ask audience what can they think of this visual – bring them to the Topic, gradually
  • Keep Notes on the slide for reminding you (may be coded)

The key is,

Practice, Practice, Practice.

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Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

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