Smile First, Then Laugh

A sense of humour is like resiliency toolbox.

Have Fun

When is the last time you had fun!

You have to scratch your mind – Russia, USA, Ukrain, Global warming, El Niño, Draught, Flood – and more.
You have to
find it, dig it, go through Newspapers, Talk to your like-minded.
It is not easy.

Fun has gone back seat.

Why no fun these days!
Have we done something wrong!

Let’s find out. Bounce back from Adversity –
You may be needing Attitude adjustment.

Pamper yourself once a month. Indulge in manicure, pedicure, massage, facials- boost your moral – when travel by air, you feel controlled by air hostess giving safety advises.

Instead, why can’t they tell jokes, funny tales!

You don’t need to find how many doors for emergency exit, where to find your safety gears, etc.

I remember a Captain/Pilot coming in and announcing – give back all those to cabin crew.

The plane may not fly- the engine failed.

Find absurdity in annoyance.

Blunt all trouble spots with a dose of humour – Boss ignoring you in a meeting!

Focus on his/her silly combover.

Stuck in a long queue when you are late.

So what you do – Pretend you are a fashion police and start observing everyone around you for their fashion – rate their outfit.

University of Misisipi found the participants munch 30% more buttered Popcorn while watching a comedy movie.

Call your funniest friend and laugh with her/him.

Go to Library and look through kids section – comics, jokes, cartoons, etc.

Find funny side of whatever you are doing.

Respond with wits, humour, jokes to those who irritate you.
Look at an explosion of Stand up comedians market.

What do they do!
They find fun in our everyday life. Some Leaders also now find Fun is a good tool to attract crowds.

Fun is a good icebreaker too. It is easier to call for attention with funny story.

For example,
When I finished University education and looking for a job, I found a vacant position of a Teacher.

Just grab it. You do not have freedom of choice then.

The first day at school –
“Good morning, Sir.”

Good morning class.

Please make a sentence using these two words – Fact and Illusion.

Little Johnny stood up:
It is a Fact that you are teaching us, but is an illusion that we are learning….

Have a ha-ha bulletin board for writing something to amuse all passerbys.

– Suresh Shah

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