Social Enterprise

I was fascinated for long and looking for good interpretation of the term Social Enterprise. I think I have found it in KIND organization.

Here are some excerpts from the book Do The KIND Thing by The founder CEO, Daniel Lubetzky.


His tagline is,

THINK Boundlessly / WORK Purposefully / LIVE Passionately


KIND is a producer of famous nutrition bars. They are successful. They engage their employees, and they look after the consumers (Society as a whole). In fact, they have a position of Vice President of Shopper Marketing, responsible for customizing programs for their retailers’ customers.


Work-Life issues, the KIND way

They try to understand when people have to make own choices about the amount of work doable for their family life.

Consider this enlightened self-interest.

Help them be happy – in return, this investment in their happiness cements their interest in and enthusiasm for the company.


An employee decided to move from New York City, because of her husband’s job. Her role cannot be done remotely. The company offered her a new role of Vice President of President, Shoppers Marketing. She then has to travel only once a week either to meet the customers ir visiting the corporate office.


Another team member had a baby. She wanted more flexible schedule. She crafted a job of  Social entrepreneurship.


As your organization grows, philosophy of open communication gets more  challenging.



Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise



My thoughts in writing above, are inspired from Daniel Lubetzky’s book Do the KIND Things

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