Succeed as a Leader
  1. Establish partnerships with key managers – they’re your partners in Success
    Partnership for success is a mantra for all leaders. You alone cannot achieve much. Include your clients as partners to facilitate identifying their needs. Always, their (clients’) success is your success. Your Misson is to bring them from where they are to where they want to be in business.
  1. Identify learning Needs from your target audience. This is important. Do not serve something they do need. Do not sell your programs. Sell what serve their needs. They are looking for solutions, not new programs.
  1. Identify specific behaviour changes needed for your target audience. This is critical for aligning your steps in right directions. Else, specific behaviours of clients can be obstacles in your process. Clients appreciate certain approaches; and if that’s aligned with the process, they support well. Their feedback is a good resource for you.
  2. Align program to business success measures. You finally want to achieve business success for your partners and you. Do not draw a picture wherein, all sailors in the yacht are rowing in different directions!


Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise



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