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The Bold, Innovative Business Moves in 2013

Enduring success relies on the occasional bold, innovative, or even lucky move—a smart call that positions a company to grow, ideally by better serving its customers’ needs rather than just exploiting them.

J.C. Penney brings back sales

It’s questionable whether this or anything else will save the ailing midmarket department store, or indeed the very concept of the midmarket department store. But it’s clear that the company’s effort to reinvent itself under former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson as a slick, Wi-Fi-enabled, no-discounts shopping experience was a catastrophic flop. This year they brought back an old CEO, brought back discounts, and even though they’re still struggling, sales trends are in the right direction.

Apple hires Angela Ahrendts. The Ron Johnson Catastrophe at J.C. Penney also managed to leave Apple’s retail operation adrift and listless. Tim Cook brought in John Browett, CEO of British mass-market superstore Tesco, who promptly alienated loyalists with a misguided cost-cutting drive before getting fired. Ahrendts, CEO of the far more upmarket British company Burberry, is a much better choice.* Apple’s retail stores are already insanely successful. They don’t need a retail chief who can squeeze extra dollars out of them; they need one who can build a lot more—especially in Asia—where Burberry has opened many more shops than Apple without compromising the brand’s value. Adding a woman to the executive team can’t hurt, either…

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The 12 Business Books to Read in 2014

Recommended by Adam Grant

One of the highlights of becoming an author is getting to read some exciting books in advance, and hearing early buzz about others. It’s the book nerd’s version of seeing sneak previews of movies before they hit the silver screen.

Here are 12 books with big implications for the world of work that are likely to make a splash in the coming year:

1. Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek (January 7)

After taking the world by storm with his captivating message about purpose in Start With Why, Simon Sinek has turned his attention to critical questions about the how. What does it take for leaders to transform paranoia and cynicism into safety and trust? Is a common enemy necessary for cooperation? I can’t wait to read about what he’s learned from military and corporate leaders.

2. Quick and Nimble by Adam Bryant (January 7)

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic economy, every organization is charged with building…

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2013 is giving way to 2014!

Thanks for your support in 2013 and hope you will continue with your appreciation in 2014.

By now, Pathfinders enrolled 1076 readers who benefit and enjoyed reading the blogs both for Business and Careers.

Pathfinders Training and Workshop enjoyed equally welcome response.

By now, 56 programs are conducted, from which around 30 were repeated.

Participants from 30 organizations of repute attended these programs, and of course, diverse in gender, culture, traditions, even nationality!

A big Thank You!

Please put forward your suggestions, challenges. As we always say,

Pathfinders love challenges.

Please excuse us for unknowingly if we have hurt feelings of any gender, traditions, culture.

Happy New Year 2014.

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