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Keep Ideas Flowing in Your Workplace

Why Ideas not become Actions!

But then, What’s Ideas – Ideas are nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements. James Webb Young

Not only smart people can give ideas; ordinary people create ideas everyday simply combining things they already know.

As an Ideaist, you help people think better of themselves; help create an environment that’s fun!

Strategically speaking,

Do not ask for one solution; ask for many …. In business, there is no one right solution. Searching for one right solution, you may reject few good solutions.
Do not reject ideas; ask for more …. There is always a better way. There is nothing like the best. Better always come up.
Share what everybody does – everybody knows that her/his views are respected, thereby improve self-esteem
Share experiences – make working together easier
Forget about efficiency; care about ideas – you cannot judge the worth of an idea immediately; you cannot as well judge the efficiency of producing from that idea…

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