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Apologizing is a modern plague that many of you utter “I’m sorry” more on a given day than “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” combined.

You rush to say it when we’re interrupted
Scream it across a crowded restaurant when someone else arrives late so you’ve lost your table
You mutter it when a man walks too close to on the street
Even when a truck is singing its grating tune right below your window and you want to run and apologize to the driver for how insane he’s making you

Call it an Age of Apology

You may not remember even when in life “the sorries” began. Could be,

Apologizing to a colleague who didn’t invite you to her birthday party after she publicly handed invitations out to the whole department
Sorry for your tears. Sorry you had to be mean
The fact is, a lot of the time when you say sorry it’s because you’re mad
explode and drip my hideous rage juice all over someone I’m simultaneously pissed at and trying to please
And so saying sorry serves as a sort of cork, making sure my emotions are contained and packaged neatly…

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