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Are your Networking Email Ignored?

It’s important to craft clear but crafty correspondence that will catch the eye.

When you want to ask someone for networking or career help, write an email that is clear but crafty for catching the eye of the reader. People are busy and often get more email than they can respond to. And if you are a stranger – not in regular touch with them – you may perhaps get at the bottom of the list.

Write a networking email for getting assured actions.

Start with some context

Briefly explain who you are and how you came to contact them.

Don’t give your whole life story—a couple of sentences is all you need—but do set up some context.

Explain why reaching out to them

Why do you think that they can help you?

alumni of the same school

worked somewhere you’d like to work

wrote an article that you found helpful

Let them understand why they will be helpful to you.

State clearly what you’re looking for—and be specific

Explain exactly what you want…

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