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Bagalogue – The Art of being Expressive

Sounds Greek or Latin? This word is coined by Peggy Klaus, a corporate coach.

Artful bragging is to talk about yourself — interests, ideas and accomplishments — in a short, conversational story with enthusiasm and passion and pride.

It’s aimed at engaging your audience with style and grace, not boring or alienating them.

Don’t fear the four-letter word – ‘’brag’’!

If you don’t self promote, you won’t get promoted.

Today, bragging is a necessity not a choice so tout your accomplishments because no one else will.

People aren’t psychic, nor do they have the energy to pull from you everything that you should be telling them. If you can’t advocate for yourself, chances are you will stall or derail in your career, or business.

We’re not talking about boasting, or fully engaging in self-glorification.
Given the constant changes,

Start-ups – it’s you and only you…

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