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Market Your New Business

I find one thing every startup, small business, home-based business and mega-corporation has in common – need for a solid marketing plan to succeed.

I can assist promoting your product to your users, buyers, potential clients and partners. I believe this is the key to just about every business’ success, regardless of industry, business model, size or target market.

And sure, marketing strategies might differ greatly between, say, a small ice cream store and a fast-growing tech. startup, but the need to promote and sell is quite similar — and so is the process of creating a marketing plan, executing a strategy and measuring your results. Without a little hustle, sales may drop off or disappear altogether.

Look at some of my best small business and startup resources on marketing your company:

Sitting with you as my client, I have evolved a handy checklist for preparing marketing plan of your business type.

Let us Craft a plan that includes elements of ‘traditional’ marketing AND social media
Remember: If you really want to sell more, then you have to educate your customers as part of your marketing strategy…

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Managing Your Business Growth

Business owners like you generally love the word “growth” since when used in relation to a business, it usually means success. A growing business is a thriving business, or so most people believe.

Unfortunately, many business owners discover the hard way that business growth may result in problems if your business isn’t equipped to handle that growth – and can even kill your business all together!

All growing businesses eventually reach their limit.

You might run out of employees to handle the new volume of orders or customers. You might not have enough products to meet demand.

Most small businesses struggle to manage operational issues during a growth phase, and it can be hard to decide whether it’s time to hire additional employees or if this is just a short-term spike in sales or customer volume…

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Business success

You are in business and know well how to succeed. However, I have seen many business owners get trapped in unnecessary processes and lose focus.

I like to suggest the following.

Don’t wait for a revolutionary idea. It will never happen. Just focus on a simple, exciting, empty space and execute as fast as possible.

Share your idea. The more you share, the more you get advice and the more you learn.
Meet and talk to your competitors.

Build a community.
Use blogging and social software to make sure people hear about you.

Listen to your community.
Answer questions and build your product with their feedback.

Gather a great team.
Select those with very different skills from you.
Look for people who are better than you…

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LOL – It’s time you give laugh a try

Always laugh when you can. It is a cheap medicine – Lord Byron.
I was walking in morning on the beach in Mumbai, India. I saw a group of people standing in
a circle, with one person acting as a leader. I found that someone will cut a joke or tell a
humor; and everybody will laugh loudly. This was a laughing club whose members try to
meet at least twice a week.

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