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A Majority of Professionals aren’t prepared to become CEO

Attempting to attract and retain your talent by offering them senior leadership positions might once have been an effective strategy – but looks like that has changed.

A surprisingly large number of workers are simply not interested in the corner office.

Polling more than 700 leaders in talent and learning management, the Global Workforce Leadership Survey found only 11% of professionals are aspiring to attain C-level positions.

Among these respondents, only 36% of women versus 64% of men aspire to be C-level executives, highlighting a striking gender divide in career ambitions.

Additionally, the report found only 31% of younger Millennial employees wanted senior leadership positions – slightly less than their Gen X seniors (38%).

What’s concerning here is that, quite literally, the future leadership at some critical global organisations is at risk…

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What do we learn from Obamacare?

CEOs and other leaders, in the corporate world and beyond, should do more than follow the news on the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare).

You should ask what would you do if in President Obama’a shoes. After all, several generic parts of this drama add up to one of the most difficult and frustrating challenges that you as a leader can confront.

Indeed, abstracting from the specifics of the ACA, think of the case set up as follows:

A committed and visionary CEO pursues a strategic initiative that she/he believes is timely, important, urgent and durable;
Significant multi-year efforts are devoted to designing a comprehensive strategy, and to persuade others of its merit and beneficial impact;
Protracted and inevitably-tense negotiations lead to modifications and compromises; and
The end result doesn’t totally correspond to the initial ambition, but it still captures most of the key strategic elements and the visionary essence.

With all this behind the CEO, the time now comes for the much-anticipated roll out. But rather than go smoothly, the execution is – unexpectedly – a debacle…

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You’re a new CEO… Now What?

Transitioning from one leader to the next can be a tumultuous and risky time for any company as well as the new leader. The performance of the new CEO in the initial months is critical to her or his long-term success.
The good news is that most CEOs are given a pass in the first six months by investors as they adjust to their new role.
The bad news? After that, investors want results.

Whether transitions are planned or unplanned, it’s clear that leadership change affects the enterprise value of a company. The study determined that whether or not the effect is positive or negative depends largely on measures taken by CEOs in the months following the change… …

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