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Core skills for your business

Grasp of finances

Numbers, numbers, and numbers – make number crunching a fun. You know numbers – your date of birth, anniversary, your Identity Card number, bank account, and so on
You need to be able to grasp balance sheets, profit and loss sheets, and do basic bookkeeping. You can’t escape numbers in business. You don’t need to be an accountant though
Understand business models and pricing
You can always get an accountant to do the fiddly stuff. However, you need to know what’s going on
It’s your business and you would regret to leave its most vital workings entirely in someone else’s hands. You have to be hands-on


Communication is the lifeline of any business – everything from negotiating to coming up with a strong PR plan for attracting people into your business or to boosting staff morale
Communicate effectively with suppliers, employees, customers and investors…

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Business culture can create success

What do you think of when you think about business culture?

It can mean many things depending on who you talk to.

It can be a “brand,” motto, values, uniforms, or behaviors.

It could also be service level, return/exchange policy, or customer appreciation gestures.

Do you think of Main Street USA, with all the “Mom n’ Pop” shops on both sides of the street? Do you think about a small business doing business out of a garage?

Culture is a set of attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and customs. These cultural cues are ingrained in the members of the business, team, or group, and then accepted as the norm. Beliefs about the role of the business, and how business activities fall into this understanding of culture, is typically dictated by how employees interact within their own cultural boundaries. Business culture will determine what kind of customers it attracts, the service it delivers, and its growth.

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You Always Wanted To Scale the Career Ladder

First of all, you need to be able to walk – and talk – the talk when it comes to four key pillars in work lives:

– Critical thinking
– Communication
– Collaboration
– Creativity

Generally, the employees are not articulating or practicing those four aspects well enough, and are risking their career progression by not doing so.

These are areas you really need to focus on in order to get ahead, not only in the office but on the global playing field in the next three to five years.

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