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Career Mistake even Capable People Make

I recently reviewed a resume for a friend who was trying to define a clearer career strategy. Cindy has terrific experience. And yet, as I looked through it I could see the problem she was concerned about: she had done so many good things in so many different fields it was hard to know what was distinctive about her.

As we talked it became clear the resume was only the symptom of a deeper issue.
In an attempt to be useful and adaptable Cindy has said yes to too many good projects and opportunities. She has ended up feeling overworked and underutilized.

It is easy to see how people end up in her situation:

Step 1: Capable people are driven to achieve.

Step 2: Other people see they are capable and give them assignments.

Step 3: Capable people gain a reputation as “go to” people. They become “good old John who is always there when you need him.” There is lots right with this, unless or until…

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