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Make yourself a valuable employer

Many employers today are willing to pay top dollar for the right people, but often they wouldn’t recognize those “A” players, because they may not be looking for the right traits or may be too self-absorbed to know a good thing when they have it.

Well, here is a list of traits that can easily be observed for solid company ROI.

If you are an employer, appreciate and reward the behaviour of those who:

Take Initiatives Many employers are accustomed to just telling people what to do. Employees create value when they anticipate what is needed and get it done without any prompting.

Identify the disease (cannot treat the symptoms) So much company time goes to firefighting on a reactive basis. Employees create value when they assess the root cause of the problems and make systemic change that eliminates the problems completely.

Do not build the pressure Stress is natural in the workplace, and uptight people can feed off each other. Employees create value when they help people decompress so they can improve productivity.

Plan the work and work the plan Haphazard thinking and action usually delivers mediocre results. Employees create value when they add effective structure and drive the team forward with efficiency.

Do their homework Idea generation is useful, but not every suggestion is beneficial or appropriate. The wrong proposal can cause distraction or even derail the team. Employees create value when they research ideas before implementation so that little effort is wasted on the unachievable…

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