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Your Resume should not look like this

Cindy’s Career, 2000 – 2012

Cindy, a victim of the current recession, her career has been on life support since a layoff from a healthcare consulting firm. Prior to its final demise, Cindy took her career through a stint as a personal fitness trainer and ended it working in a car sales with a luxury-car dealership.

Cindy was a graduate of a prestigious university where she earned a degree in integrated science and technology. She immediately began employment as a tumor biology lab technician where she worked for two years before joining the consulting firm. While there, she “utilized empirical data and statistically significant best practices to influence positive change for client’s capital efficiencies.”

In addition to the above, Cindy was a certified phlebotomist, published numerous medical research papers, and played high school soccer. Cindy’s Career was only seven years old…

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