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Culture that Nurtures High Potential Women

Create a culture of inclusion in your organization.

Retain the high potential females in your organization.

Why the female focus ?
It’s just as important to retain male high potentials.
However, the very approach to identifying high potential can put women at a disadvantage, so you need to put additional focus on this area.

A recurring complaint is that high potential women leave organizations because “what good looks like” is too biased towards “male” behavior.
Women who demonstrate these “male” characteristics tend to be derided for their behavior.
Men are “driven”; women are “pushy.”
Men are “achievers”; women “trample” over others.

There is a need to embrace the “and” when it comes perceptions of women, Tzemach Lemmon 2015.
Marines and lipstick are not a natural association in peoples’ minds but when it comes to performance one should not have to take on male characteristics to be taken seriously…

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Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

You might have faced this question before – the most important part of the interview. This question comes at you with five or seven minutes left in the interview. It’s a trap.

Consider it as an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition – show how much homework you have done about knowing the company, and/or the position – whether or not you are accurately reading the dynamics of the interview.

The interviewer wants to know how much hungry you are, curious about the organization.

Probe and ask when given the chance:


Please tell me how would you describe the kinds of people that thrive in the company and those that don’t fit in? Or even more specific, my two previous organizations, one culture was all about collaboration, teamwork, never using the word ‘I’ and the other was much more a star system, where it was all about standing out as an individual performer.

How does this organization operate on that dimension?

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